Spring/Summer 2021 at Le Fanion

Our Camargue line captures the brightness, the joy, the exuberance, the whim of the Rhone delta.


We bring to your table, platters that are perfect for serving roasted vegetables or meats, appetizers, tarts, pâtés, cheeses, etc.   Colorful pitchers, fun plates and side dishes to eat it all from.


Rectangular platter.
Rectangular platter.
Rectangular platter.

Beautiful trays in various colors and patterns.

Oval platter.
Oval platter.

Grand platters designed and sized for a feast!

Creamer, carafe and toupin.

Three options to pour from: a creamer, a carafe, or a side handled pot. All 3 in a gorgeous deep dark-chocolate brown.

Chalice and two bowls with side handles.

Perfect side dishes for that delicious je-ne-sais-quoi: nuts, olives, oatmeal, hot chocolate, Easter treats?

Two cheese trays and a pedistal dish with a flower.

These flat trays are ideal to serve pies, canapés, hors d'oeuvres, cheeses, pâtés --the list goes on...

Platter with a border of flowers.

Either on your wall or on your table, this platter is stunning!

Two pitchers, a gravy boat and a coaster.

Hooray for love! Love of life and of beautiful objects.

Plates with unique designs.

Country chic for these dinner plates: they combine elegance with simplicity.

Butter makers.

These 2 very large vases were inspired by the shape of butter churners.


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