Spring/Summer 2021 at Le Fanion

Lustered faïence used to be reserved for kings and queens. It is an ancient technique that incorporated gold and silver into glazes, showing the wealth of its owners. Now you too can have a royal gobelet, mug, cereal bowl or adorable espresso cup!  You too can serve simple meals in amazing bowls and pour water from stunning pitchers worthy of a chateau table.  This lustered faïence is still made with organic minerals, and its delicacy and luminescence show in every single piece. This is as utilitarian art as it gets!

Ceramic spoons.

The perfect companions to your tea or coffee time.

Colorful bowls.

Hard to choose, isn't it?...

Tea cup and espresso cups.

Adorable espresso cups that are also perfect for a tiny treat, a bit of spice or your precious rings.


You can serve water or arrange flowers in these elegantly shaped pitchers.


Goblets have been used since ancient times. Besides tea, coffee or water, these also work well for small bouquets, exotic sauces, candies, or just to soothe your eyes.

Bowl and covered bowl.

The most joyful pair!

Soap dish with floral design.
Soap dish with floral design.

Wash your hands! And put the soap back in its elegant place. Please.


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