Spring/Summer 2021 at Le Fanion

Large platter with a horse and rider surrounded by pigs and rabbits.

A wild equestrian ride in the country for this large and amazing platter.

Coffee mugs adorned with animals.

These mugs are very representative of the French fauna... well, kind of...

Beautiful spice pots.

An enormously magnificent canister surrounded by darling ones: different sizes for different uses.

Silverware holder with mermaids.

Call them sea-maids, mermaids, sirens: whoever they are they adorn this one of a kind cuilleré with delightful nudity...

Plate with goat.
Plate with mountain goat.
Plate with zebra.
Plate with owl.

The wild ones left the mugs to jump on dinner plates! Come and check them out!

Creamers and coasters.

If you need a little token of love for someone, these charming creamers and tiles will steal your heart.

Pitchers decorated with cherries, rooster, pears and a rabbit.

From 1/2 liter to 3 liters we have the perfect pitchers for all seasons and occasions.

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