Spring/Sumer 2024 at Le Fanion

A lovely grouping of some of Auguste Vuillemot's finest work: all original art.

Watercolor, pen and ink drawings circa 1925!

"Afternoon in the park" Signed lower right.

"Four men at the bar"  Signed lower right.

"Fishing and lounging"  Signed lower left.

"Two ladies shopping"  Signed below at center.

"Postman at the bar" Signed lower right.


Auguste Vuillemot (1883-1970) was an accomplished painter in both oil and watercolor but like many artists he honed his craft through sketching.  His affectionate and slightly humorous drawings have left a charming record of life in his home town of Lyon, France between the wars. He sketched people in the streets and markets; children playing, fishermen, tramps, and policemen along the banks of the Rhone river and also local people in bars and caf├ęs, people on the beach, dancing on the promenade and playing golf or boules.  Above all he liked to sketch fashionable ladies. The unparalleled assortment of his best sketches offered here are testament to his genius of the line and show his masterful use of watercolor.

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