Fall/Winter 2023 at Le Fanion

In Provence, a cabanon is a tiny, rustic vacation home; a place to retreat in the summer from the bustle of the city.


Our "Cabanon" line of pottery will bring a summer vacation flair to any home!

Pitchers decorated with birds, flowers and traditional design.

Engraved traditional pitchers.

Yellow and black bowls with traditional designs.

Berries, flowers, chirping birds and big ears = the perfect café, cereal or ice cream bowls.

Black bowls with jaspé designs.

When the treats are all gone, you can still imagine melted ice cream...

Small side dishes with traditional designs.

These are individual bread plates.  We like them also for cookies or truffles for two.

Yellow pitcher with flowers.

One should always have a pitcher of water handy!

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