Fall/Winter 2023 at Le Fanion

Have you ever been to Provence?


Have you seen the greens of its olive trees, of its meridional pine trees, of its newly grown fields?


Have you seen the yellows and oranges of its sunflowers, of its incandescent sunsets?


The reds of its cherries, tomatoes, earth?


The various blues of its summer and winter skies?


Then you'll know what the colors of Provence are. And if you don't you can be transported there through these dishes.


Here is to Provence in your home!

Green square plates.

This very uplifting mosaic is made of 9 square plates - sold individually.

Orange, red, yellow and blue mugs.

Open your eyes! Get up! Even empty these mugs will wake you up...

Yellow square plates.

Yellow to add sunshine to your green mosaic!

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