Fall/Winter 2023 at Le Fanion

We call this line Medieval because its motifs and designs have their origins in the Middle Ages, through the Renaissance and beyond.


The scenes will remind you of the Aubusson tapestries with their mythological themes and bestiaries, and scenes of courtly life.


The beauty of these pieces is that they can both be an amazing way to decorate your house as well as be utilitarian objects: platters to enhance an empty wall or to serve your favorite recipe on; dishes of assorted sizes and shapes and pitchers to fill an empty shelf or to serve lemonade from.


Medieval art straight to your modern home!

Bowl with a blue bird.

A blue bird for a little bowl

and a blue bird for a large plate.

10" plate with a blue rabbit.

Oh, and a blue lapin too!

Plate with side handles and decorated with a flower.

Dainty handles to help get a good grip.

Pitcher with a bird lid and a blue rabbit on its face.

The lid on this pitcher keeps its content fresh.

Salad bowl with a blue bird and side handles.

We declare that this is the most handsome salad bowl!

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