Fall/Winter 2023 at Le Fanion

Dark chocolate brown cylindrical mugs decorated with various animals in snow flurries.

Let it snow...

Cylindrical mugs of assorted colors and patterns: animals, polka dots and marbleized.

or let it shine... a mug for all seasons...

9 1/2" dinner plates of assorted colors and designs: animals in snow, people in snow, deer, figs...

and plates to go along with them!

Gorgeous pitchers of assorted colors and patterns --floral, animals. They come in 4 sizes, from pint to 3 liters

Utensils? Water for the meal? Flowers? These gorgeous pitchers come in 4 sizes!

An assortment of small pieces in various colors and designs: creamers, egg cups, small plates

Little plates, little creamers and egg cups galore!

The perfect covered jars to hold your treats!

4" coasters in assorted colors and animals --frog, zebra, octopus, hedgehog, rabbit, etc.

We think these coasters are too beautiful to cover.  So then mount them as whimsical accents on a wall!

An amazing dark chocolate brown platter with a horseman in the center and a round of pigs, rabbits and floral decor

Surely you know the exciting feeling of riding a horse and chasing hares and pigs?

for prices and to place an order, call us at

212-463-8760  Can we FaceTime?

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