Fall/Winter 2023 at Le Fanion

The South of France is renowned for its colors, its humour, its love of fun and lightness.


Our Roussillon line is a perfect example of this whimsical life of Provence.

Rounded pottery jars with animal sculptures on top of each lid.

Just because these adorable jars have a lid doesn't mean you can't

use them for a little bouquet.

Small lady candle holder and large lady watering device.

Little sister & big sister.  They perform different things too - the small one hosts candles, the bigger is an ancient

watering device (yes)!

Pitchers in the shape of frogs.

Watch out!  These frog pitchers might just turn into princes,

 if you kiss them...

Pottery fish hanging from a string.

 by the way, it is said that this fish comes to life when kissed...

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